The Simply Music Piano curriculum takes a very non-traditional approach to music education. In doing so it redefines who is capable of learning music. It also redefines the teaching of music. In essence, the method consists of a vast array of playing-based tools and strategies. Although these tools and strategies can be somewhat abstract to describe they are very easy to understand when seen and played. The bottom line is that this method has students of all ages playing contemporary, classical and blues piano from their very first lessons.

We like to compare Simply Music to when your child begins to talk.  They don’t always say things in the right way or the right order, but we don’t ask them to be quiet.  We also don’t require that they be able to read before they can begin speaking.  So in Simply Music, our students are playing long before they are doing the formal reading of notes.  Yes, they do get there (and many fairly quickly), but we let them play, play, play from the very beginning!

TO FIND OUT MORE:  We require all students to attend one of our Free Introductory Sessions before you are allowed to enroll.  We want to find out more about you and you and your child definitely want to learn more about us.  Learn more about our studio, our teachers and the Simply Music method.  To sign up for our next Free Introductory Session, please email us or call our office: 317-867-3077

“We are loving the piano lessons. Kids have practiced every
day without any argument, and think it’s cool they learn songs
so quickly.  In fact, they often stop at the piano any time
they pass it and plunk out their lesson. It’s fantastic!

Ami Sullivan
mom of 2 Simply Music piano students

LESSON SCHEDULE:  We start beginning lessons when we have enough students to fill a new class.  Yes, we teach in groups.  It’s amazing how it works.  Come to a Free Introductory Session to find out more.

The Simply Music program is ‘playing-based’. We use students’ existing visual, aural and physical skills, combine these with their natural sense of music, and subsequently achieve unprecedented results. The bottom line is that Simply Music students get to experience the absolute joy and satisfaction that comes from immediately acquiring a huge repertoire of great-sounding music.Unlike learning traditionally or by rote, this program is tactile, experiential and multi-sensory, with students being physically, visually and aurally absorbed. After building a repertoire of 35 to 50 pieces covering a broad range of musical styles, students go on to learn Simply Music’s unique approach to reading music, as well as develop a powerful foundation for learning the more formal aspects of music education.

Please call our office to schedule a time to come to one of our FREE Introductory Sessions. Here you will learn more about Simply Music and how our studio is set up. This is a requirement before you can sign up for lessons. So get signed up for one of these sessions today!