At Musical Beginnings we are concerned with the health and wellbeing of the families in our community. We want to continue to bring top of the line, high-quality music lessons to those living in our area. In light of this, we will continue to bring you our Kindermusik program, which is the first early childhood music program in the world. You can then continue at Musical Beginnings with our Simply Music piano lessons with it’s innovative, creative, and break-through program of learning to play the piano.

Here are some of the things we are doing to maintain a healthy studio:

In Kindermusik Classes:
* We will maintain our small class sizes with no more than 10 students per class.
* We ask that only 1 parent attend a class per each student.
* We ask that parents wash their hands when entering the studio. You may wash your chid’s hands or use hand sanitizer on them.
* We will have hand sanitizer available for all parents and students.
* As always, instruments are cleaned and sanitized before each class.
* For the time being, masks are not required.  However, if you are more comfortable wearing a mask, please do!

In Piano Classes:

* We ask that all students and parents wash their hands upon entering the studio.
* We are currently not requiring masks to attend our classes. However, if you are more comfortable using a mask, please do so.
* When students gather around the piano for instruction, we ask that they try to keep a distance from the next student.
* The piano keys will be sanitized before and after each class.
* We ask that if you are not feeling well that you do not attend the class. However, if you let the studio know, we will let you ‘attend’ the class by Zoom. You will not be actively participating, but you can hear and see what is going on. In this way, you will be keeping up with your class.

We appreciate the flexibility of our families. We will continue to bring you high-quality classes that bring the joy of music into your family’s life!

* These policies are subject to change at any time according to the social climate and recommendations of others.


Preview Class
We realize that many times it is just difficult to imagine what can be done in a class for an 8 months old or even a 3 1/2 year old. So we are happy to offer Preview classes to anyone who would like to “try before you buy”. Just go to the Registration tab and choose “Free Preview KM Class”. Fill out the form and submit it to us. Someone will contact you to confirm your visit. You may also call our office at 317-867-3077 to schedule this.  A small fee of $14 will be charged to your card.  Upon enrollment, that $14 will be credited to your account making your preview free to you!

Register any time!
Registration for our Kindermusik classes is on going. As long as we have space in a class, you are welcome to join us! We’ll gladly adjust your tuition accordingly.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Musical Beginnings wants your child’s Kindermusik experience to be the best that it can be.  If the child isn’t comfortable or if the parent isn’t comfortable, you will not receive the benefit that only a Kindermusik class can give.  So in light of this we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You must attend 5 consecutive classes.  We ask you to attend 5 classes because almost all children need at least that much time to become comfortable in a class.  If at the end of the 5th class you are still not satisfied with your Kindermusik class experience, we will refund all your money minus the price of the Kindermusik Home Materials.  The Home Materials will be yours to keep and enjoy at home.

We want to make your experience as easy as possible.  We first ask for a $49 Registration Fee (helps with the cost of the home materials) to secure your child’s place in a class.  Your credit or debit card will automatically be charged for this Registration Fee upon enrollment.  Then we take the total number of classes for the school year (30) and divide it by 9 monthly payments.  Your credit card will be charged on the 25th of the month from August 25th to April 25th.  Please note that the monthly fee does not represent a certain number of classes per month; rather, it represents a total of 30 classes for the school year.  You may enroll or withdraw at any time.

Kindermusik Tuition & Registration Fee
Levels 1, 2, and 3 – $63 monthly, a one-time registration fee of $49 upon enrollment.
Young Child = $73 monthly, a one-time registration fee of $59 upon enrollment

Please go on line and register. It’s easy! If, however, you do have questions or would prefer some help, someone in our office would be more than happy to assist you.

Cancellation and Withdrawal
If enrollment must be cancelled, a written notice prior to the 25th of the month is required. If notice is received after the 26th of the month, the tuition will still be charged. The written notice may be submitted by email or letter to our office.

Weather Delays and Cancellations
We hope that we don’t ever have to cancel a Kindermusik class because of the weather, but we want all of our little ones to always be safe! Here is our cancellation policy! Missing one day for weather will not be made up. Two or more missed days will be made up on an evening, Saturday or extended semester day.

School Cancellations – If the school district where your Kindermusik class meets cancels school, then your Kindermusik class will be cancelled.

2-Hour Delay – If the school district where your Kindermusik class meets has a 2-hour delay, your Kindermusik class will meet as scheduled.

Please notice that you may live in a different school district than where your Kindermusik class meets. Please take this into consideration.

Evening Classes – If school was canceled in the morning and you are in an after-school or evening class, please check your email or our Facebook page to see whether you will be having class that day.

Make-Up Classes
We are happy to allow unlimited make-up classes during each unit. Simply give us a call in advance at 317-867-3077 to schedule your class. Also, if you know ahead of time that you will miss a class, please let us know. This allows us to schedule a make-up for someone else in your absence.

Non-Enrolled Siblings
Due to limited class sizes and unique class settings, we regret that classes for children newborn to 3 are unable to accommodate non-enrolled siblings older than 9 months. Parents and children enjoy the class most when the parent is able to give complete attention to the enrolled child. However, special situations are considered, so please call if we can help.

More Kindermusik
* Continue the fun and learning – we offer classes year round!
* Also available – gift certificates
* Free demo classes scheduled for play groups
* Birthday parties!


For our Simply Music piano program, we ask that families (a parent and the potential student) attend a FREE Introductory Session.  At this time you will be given a copy of our policies for our piano program.  If you would like anything clarified before coming to this session, please give our office a call at 317-867-3077 or email us at