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2023 – 2024

Piano Classes are now taking enrollments for the 2023 – 2024 school year.  First, attend a FREE Introductory Session (FIS) on Zoom with your potential student and then join us in studio for a FREE Piano Lesson (FPL) to see if Musical Beginnings is a fit for your family!  Click here to take the first step and get scheduled for a FREE Introductory Session

After your child has turned 6 years old (and is going into or is a First Grader), we will consider him or her for our Simply Music Piano program where their musical talents can come out on the keyboard.  Musical Beginnings exclusively offers Simply Music piano instruction to it’s students. Simply music is a revolutionary Australian-developed piano and keyboard method that offers a breakthrough in music education.  This unique approach has students of all ages playing great-sounding contemporary, gospel, Classical, blues, and accompaniment pieces – immediately – from their very first lessons!

For more information on our Simply Music piano program, we ask that you schedule your FREE Introductory Session (FIS) on Zoom.  There you will:

  1. Hear more about the Simply Music piano method as opposed to a traditional approach to learning music.
  2. Meet the director of our studio, Kim Bemis.
  3. Learn how this program can inspire and accelerate your child’s love of music and his or her creativity.

After your Zoom session, if you are still interested and want more information on our Simply Music piano program, you can schedule a FREE Introductory Session (FIS).  There you will:

  1. Learn more about the Simply Music Piano Program.
  2. Meet a teacher or two.
  3. Listen as your child learns part of a song.
  4. See our studio and what we have to offer here.
  5. See if your potential student is a fit for our studio and ready to take the plunge into piano lessons.

Contact us to save your seat in one of our sessions.

As You Can See, Musical Beginnings Has A Place For Everyone!